A range of WEB services specific for healthcare industries

Pharmaceutical , medical equipment, medical devices, diagnostics and medical imaging, personal care. 

  • Audit and Diagnosis
  • Training
  • Consultancy and Assistance
  • WEB Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization, « SEO »


Audit and Diagnosis

On the WEB like everywhere, it all starts with the right diagnosis, whether for a new project such as the development and sharing of new information and content or to develop loyalty among existing users. Well defined objectives, a good analysis of means and available resources is essential and must precede any technical or budgetary decisions. Ask the right questions to get the right answers.


web audit

  • Are our goals presence on the WEB realistic and properly defined?
  • Are they consistent with our global ambitions?
  • Are the tactics and organization adapted to these objectives?
  • Are the selected technical options efficient and sustainable?
  • Are our budgets properly calibrated? Are arbitrations or reallocations necessary?
  • Is the regulatory dimension properly considered, too much nor too little?
  • Are we properly measuring the impact of our investments?


B6B Consulting assists you to smartly address those questions.
Once plans and investments are set up, it is difficult to develop them without independent external support to support you in decisions along the way.



Updating your knowledge here as you do regularly when it comes to changes in regulation is a must. Would you save on an upgrade to adapt your systems to a major change in your quality and regulatory standards?
Define the objectives, suggest a schedule customized to fit your constraints, adapt the content and the approach to your organization, conduct training sessions (in English or French), set-up a long-term follow-up to secure the path from knowledge to daily practice are services that B6B Consulting can develop to meet your needs and expectations.


web training

  • Does our organization need an upgrade? To which departments or individuals should we give a priority? and why ?
  • Is there any programs or solutions specific to my business; pharmaceuticals, vets, diagnosis, medical devices, imaging, healthcare?
  • Training could it help to fully integrate our web activities into our global communication plans?
  •  Is there a way  to quickly understand the vocabulary and principles of the WEB?
  • Will appropriate training allow us to bring in-house currently out-sourced services to reduce costs and time?



B6B Consulting can quickly set up a taylor made training plan  for you and your organization.


Consultancy and Assistance

Today’s constraints and limitations faced by promotional activities encourage to seek new channels of communication.
Moreover, the WEB allows you to reach new groups such as patients and their relatives. Indeed, the communication flow is reversed, it is individuals who seek and voluntarily expose themselves to available information, yet it must be accessible and therefore visible on the WEB.
How to find your way among all the available options? How to be sure that external and internal stakeholders offer the best solutions? Not just the ones they master? Or the most comfortable for them?

To deal with these highly technical decisions and navigate the WEB jargon the support of an external independent expert like B6B Consulting is the best way to regain calm and thus allowing you to focus on your business, your products and your services.



  • What are our vision and ambition for WEB and digital communication?
  • What are the benchmarks? How do we compare with competition?
  • Can we learn from strategies and tactics beyond our territory and our business?
  • How to effectively and harmoniously integrate WEB and digital communication into our plans?
  • Is communication on social networks relevant to our business?
  • We must rebuild our WEB site, what are the key points to be addressed in priority?
  • Are the technical and regulatory frameworks correct?
  • Are quotations covering all areas and justified? Are deadlines realistic?
  • How to get an independent and meaningful assessment of the effectiveness of our strategies and the profitability of our investments?



Analyticals, WEB analytics

The capacity of the WEB to collect and store data is far beyond human scope and it is a wide open trap, computers and algorithms manage almost everything there. However, access to such structured data enables the development of hundreds of sophisticated and powerful analytical tools. The WEB has a wealth of data, overwhelming to many. You can easily get lost in the numbers and never come to a decision.
Finding the right numbers and putting them to good use that is what B6B Consulting is there for.
web analytics

  • What is the actual popularity of our website and our social network pages?
  • How does it compare in our industry? and beyond?
  • How to measure the impact of our programs to the general public, health professionals and patients?
  • What information that are most valued by users? Are they properly accessible?
  • What are the words and expressions commonly used to find us on the WEB? Is it consistent with our priorities?
  • Is it possible to compare the efficacy of the various channels, web, social networks, e-mailing,  Adwords type advertising campaigns?


B6B Consulting can assist you to reveal the full power of your WEB investments through a thorough analytical process.



Search Engine Optimization, SEO

Not sure about the impact of your actions and investments on the WEB? How to measure it? What are the benchmarks?
SEO for Search Engine Optimization is a “young” activity, rapidly and constantly evolving and rarely mastered by experts familiar with the healthcare industries environment.

  • web content
  • How does it compare to other players in our business, pharmaceuticals, medical devices,  veterinary industry, in vitro diagnostics?
  • Can we improve our visibility? How? Are there ways and techniques to gain notoriety and visibility?
  • Are we dealing properly with WEB search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo?
  • Should we invest in paid campaigns, Google Adwords or other? Are our current advertising investments justified? Can we measure the impact and their return on investment?



B6B Consulting can suuport and guide you to improve your visibility on the WEB, optimize your WEB impact, and deliver your messages to the right audiences for your products and services.


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