Experience and vision

B6B Consulting was founded in 2014 by Bertrand Bonnot who observed that everybody talks about the WEB, invests in WEB content, recruits WEB specialists, but who really measures the impact of its actions, and understands even superficially, the vocabulary, the tools and the rules of the WEB?
Bridging the gap between the WEB and the healthcare industry, as well as other regulated activities with high added-value and great scientific content, thus is the ambition of B6B Consulting.

Reasons for such a gap are simple; the new generation of WEB specialists are mostly under 30 while principals and decision-makers have accumulated decades of experience in an highly regulated and demanding environment.


Bertrand Bonnot Founder of B6B Consulting

Bertrand Bonnot, founder of B6B Consulting, has over 30 years of marketing and top-management experience (Abbott, Serono, Actelion, Diagnostica Stago) in various fields:
Pharmaceuticals, with a special focus in highly specialized and sensitive therapeutic areas such as AIDS, Reproductive Medicine, Rare Diseases, as well as Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic.

Bertrand Bonnot is a “Google Certified Partners” (Google Analytics).


B6B Consulting is connected with a broad network of experts readily available to cover all related angles if needed; regulatory, technical, marketing, editorial and training.


Our values and commitments

 No preconceived ideas or reworking of old generic recipes, flashy or exotic vocabulary and meaningless words at B6B Consulting.
All we offer will be substantiated and justified, while adapting to the needs of your organization, its culture, its internal rules and standards, and of course, your budget.
Questions, doubts and equivocal points will be clearly spotted and discussed for a genuine informed consent.
Flexibility and reactivity
B6B Consulting is a partner who can collaborate with all levels of your organisation, from the product manager to the members of the executive committee, a partner who can advise on all your decisions from daily organisation to strategic plans.
Adapt to your needs and constraints, eliminate as much as possible non-productive or non-creative times, facilitate exchanges and communication, here are our priorities for developing an efficient collaboration; at B6B Consulting we do respect your work environment because we know it well.
We have nothing to sell beyond our consultancy services; the best way to avoid a conflict of interest is simply not having any interest in the decisions. With B6B Consulting you are certain that the recommendations are aligned with your interests.


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