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The healthcare industries have been very effective in developing powerful communication tools and some of the most sophisticated means to measure and monitor the impact of its programs. But on the WEB companies can lose their way by trying to emulate the methods, however inadequate, of other industries.
You cannot communicate on a new treatment or a new medical device like you promote a new smartphone…


Investing in the WEB

The why before the how

  • Do we need a new website?
  • What is our digital strategy?
  • How to invest in social media?
  • How much to invest in our next adwords campaign?
  • How to recruit a community manager?


It could be a very long list; yet the good and probably the only relevant question is WHY; as for any investment.
Whereas the Salesforce calls, the assistance of a symposium at a scientific congress, the recipients of a mailing, the readers of an advertisement in a scientific journal are all qualified and known, the visitors of a website are almost anonymous.
But even more important, they select the sites they visit, nicely guided and supported by the search engines where first and foremost there is Google, with market share over 90% Europe, and only 67% in the USA.


Our Services

B6B Consulting offers a broad range of services from strategy and organization consulting to WEB analytics set-up.

Strategy and Organization

  • Enrich your global marketing and communication strategies by efficiently integrating the WEB
  • Design and set-up organization and process fitting your objectives
  • Train, update and support your teams and organization

WEB Analytics and SEO

  • Understand and integrate the analytical dimension of the WEB
  • Identify relevant target audiences for your messages with a smart use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


  • Boost the impact of your WEB investments by identifying and selecting the best targets, programs and tools or reallocating resources and priorities
  • Reduce costs by setting achievable goals, choosing the right partners and setting up the right organisation and planning
  • Save time and energy by taking or regaining control of your presence on social media

What can you expect from B6B Consulting?

B6B Consulting can assist you for maximizing the ROI of your WEB investments:


 Enrich your gloabl marketing and communication strategies through a smooth integration of the WEB component


Pick up the right and relevant audiences with a smart use of SEO tactics


Fully integrate the analytical  dimension for your WEB programs



Contain or reduce costs by setting realistic goals, defining the right organization and planning


Train, update and support your teams and organization



Regain control of your presence on social media




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  • better understand the challenges of the WEB for the Healthcare industries
  • identify new  trends and opportunities 
  • anticipate changes impacting yours plans and strategies

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